Why test your hearing loop?

Hearing loops in venues are often neglected. The main reason for this is that it isn't easy to monitor what's actually coming out of your hearing loop - you need specialist equipment (which we have). Invariably, if your hearing loop isn't tested regularly, the setup will drift over time and end up sounding bad, unintelligible, or just not working at all.

So... how can I make sure it is working properly?

It's a little known fact that there is a British Standard Code Of Practice for the management of hearing loop systems, and an international loop performance standard that says how they should perform and be tested (BS 7594: 2011 and IEC 60118-4: 2006 if you want to look them up). This gives technical specifications for the performance of the loop, which must always be tested when installed and the building is complete; it's not enough to verify that it's working mid-build. Meeting the standards means that your system is powerful and intelligible enough to be of real use to anyone with a hearing impairment.


Regular testing makes sure that your system is up to scratch and remains that way. We work to these standards/specifications when testing your hearing loop.


Do get in contact with us for more details if required.

A hearing loop shouldn't sound like one of these.