PAT testing

Why PAT test?

If you have electrical equipment that is used around members of the public or employees, you must (by law) make sure that it is safe. PAT testing is the standard way of showing that you're taking good care of your equipment and the people using it.


If you're a landlord, you will need to regularly test the equipment you supply to your tenants or guests.


What needs to be tested?

There are complicated definitions, but basically it's "anything with a plug".

What does it cost?

Minimum charge for on-site testing: £50*.


This covers your first 30 items, after which the following charges apply:


30-200 items; add £1.50 per item

200-500 items; add £1.25 per item

500+ items; add £1.00 per item


Replacement IEC leads: £3

Replacement plug: £2


* Charges for offsite testing (you bring your items to me);

1 item: £5

2 to 5 items: £10

5 to 30 items: £30

There is no VAT to pay.


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What do I get?
  • Visual inspection

  • Electrical test

  • Stickers on all tested appliances

  • Full test results via email

  • FREE plug re-wire if required

  • FREE fuse replacement


About our service

If you're looking for PAT testing you've probably seen the websites offering testing for as little as 70p per item. Click here to find out why we aren't quite so unbelievably cheap!